The road taken

 (public) Slovenski (Language: Slovenski)

An unfortunate event in the life of a student who excels academically can permanently disrupt all future plans. This particular story shows how a major event causes a promising student to drop out of school. The decision was not an easy choice and is still something she struggles with till this day. At that point in time she did not listen to the advice of her friends and family, who only wanted the best for her and tried to help her to solve things much quicker. She tried to get ahold of any work available but quickly realized that none of the existing options were truly a good fit.  But she did find a purpose once she was introduced to working with horses and all that entails. Now she is very passionate about finishing school, getting her high school diploma and to go even further in her studies. Her biggest dream is to open her own store. With her positive outlook on life and by believing in herself, she knows she will be able to fulfill all her dreams.


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