One-way ride (the secret to life is to love who you are – warts and all.)

 (public) Slovenski (Language: Slovenski)

Even the best-laid plans sometimes go wrong, as is evident from this story. All the careful plans for personal and professional path made at a young age are derailed, as an obstacle lets the dream fall apart like a house of cards. You make decisions to try to find other solutions and set yourself on a new path but you quickly realize that the drive to finish your studies just is not there, so after a series of failures you decide to give up. Sometimes a complete change is the only right thing to do. A change of scenery, a breakout from the confines of your present life, an escape from the crippling environment that limits your potential. In the midst of all this soul searching, you realize your biggest wish is to travel abroad and working with horses. Work hard at pursuing your dream, while also learn all about your new passion.

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